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by InVision Home Theater

home-theater-installationOur installers are professionals who have worked in the field for years, and have participated in the installation of tens to hundreds of custom home theater and audio systems.

There isn’t too much they haven’t seen or experienced, and when it comes to selecting the right A/V Installation Company, experience matters most!

Once we have worked with you to select the right components for your needs, we will order everything and schedule installation once everything has been delivered.

Not only will our team wire and hook everything up cleanly and professionally, they will also make sure you know how to use your system and get the most out of it. Everyone on our team truly loves home entertainment solutions and the process of finishing the installation and training you how to use it is the best part.

Installing a true custom home theater involves more than just hooking up the components and turning them on. Working with an expert will help you create the incredible home entertainment experience your desire.

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