Home Automation

Control your home from wherever you are.

Home Automation allows for the ultimate personalization of your lifestyle. Home Automation systems are inherently IP based control systems working over your Network/Wi-Fi. IP based systems offer the most reliable, expandable, and user-friendly interface options available in our industry.

With one touch or the sound of your voice, your options are virtually limitless.

We are proud to partner with Savant Home Automation because they exceed performance expectations and have a company philosophy that matches ours.


Manage your systems from wherever you are. You can dim the lights, play music, turn up the heat, lock the doors, lower the shades, and arm the security system with convenience and trust.


Personalize your home through “scenes” and schedule “moments” that incorporate multiple systems at once.


Receive personalized, real time alerts via email or text to ensure your home is in order.
Two hands holding a mobile Smartphone and take a picture in a Modern luxury living room and kitchen

VIDEO & Sound

  • Control your television & music throughout the entire house with specific pre- set scenes for certain channels, your favorite songs or for volume levels.


  • Manage your lighting to manage different times of day to coordinate with the type of activities in your lifestyle (i.e. reading, relaxing, party).
  • Control the natural light entering rooms or increase privacy at the touch of a button.
Minimalist living room interior with gray walls, concrete floor, large windows with shades and leather sofa and armchair near round coffee table. 3d rendering


  • Arm/Disarm your system and monitor your cameras with a custom response activation such as locking doors, turning on lights and lowering shades.


  • Adjust your thermostat to increase energy efficiency  and to manage temperature settings to fit the seasons and time of the day.

Custom Setups - SCENES

In addition to each individual function, integrated commands and systems are possible for customization of specific triggers:

  •  Establish “turn off the air conditioning” when a window opens, or “turn on lights” when motion is detected.
  • Personalized Scenes like “Goodnight” or “Date Night”  make sure you have the perfect ambiance for that moment.


Live demonstrations to maximize the benefits of your home automation through the SAVANT System.

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