Lighting & Shades

Creating for mood, comfort, privacy and aesthetic appeal.

Finding the right balance of light can create the mood and ambiance of a living space.  There are also many benefits to a customized and motorized shading solution including convenience, increased privacy, energy efficiency, temperature control, reduced glare and lastly, protection of furnishing and the floor.

Create the mood with light

  • Lighting Fixtures
    There are a variety of options to illuminate spaces while adding style to the interior décor including Swivel & Spot, Pendant Light, Step & Star, Linear, RGB & RGBW and Circadian Lighting

  • Lighting Keypads
    Serving as the command center, there are many options to fit your style including Custom Wall Plates with Scene Settings (Good Night, Good Morning), Dimmers/Switches, On-Wall Touch Screens, Wireless Touchscreens and Detachable Wall Stations and Panelized Lighting.

  • Shades

    We offer our clients a variety of formats, fabrics/textures and styles including Motorized Shades, Rolling Shades (Indoor & Outdoor) and Motorized Awnings

Living room with modern furniture and stylish decor. Color ideas for interior
Square in ceiling Sonance

control for comfort

  • Control Systems

    We offer our clients professionally designed lighting and shade control systems that easily integrate with leading brand, Lutron Lighting and Shade Control, and your Savant home automation system.

  • Automation

    Integration of both lighting and shades through remote control systems makes it easy to get the comfortable environment you desire throughout the day. Since, this approach gives you the ability to adjust the amount of daylight and electric light (using light controls and automated shades) as well as temperature in a single room or throughout your whole home, it delivers significant energy savings for you, along with general convenience.

Brands We Proudly Use

Our selection of equipment options is based on providing a high level of performance, reliability, and value. We are proud to partner with industry leading manufacturing companies that stand behind what they sell.

We look forward to finding the right solution for you

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