Outdoor Entertainment

Make your outdoors the entertainment capitol of your home.

Blending technology with the surrounding landscape of your deck, patio or garden helps create an ultimate outdoor entertainment experience. Why stay cooped up inside when you can kick back and watch the game on an outdoor TV and listen to your favorite tunes while simultaneously grilling, gardening or swimming.
Nexus Pop Up Posey


We offer a variety of television mounting solutions to enhance your outdoor living experience no matter how big or small the area is.

  • Outdoor TV

    Designed to provide a superior picture under all outdoor lighting conditions and to survive almost anything the elements can throw at it.

  • Pop Up

    An enclosure fabricated to house the TV inside and to protected it from the outdoor elements. A motorized lift inside will raise the TV up when viewing.

  • Pole Mount TV

    This lets you mount your flat-panel TV in a prominent area. It’s ideal for use in outdoor areas with an over over-hang.


With a wide variety of speaker offerings, our systems fit into the surroundings seamlessly giving you great sound at the grill, on the patio, and poolside.
  • Landscape and Patio Speakers
    Surface mounted and available in different sizes.
  • Rock Speakers
    Weatherproof and shaped like a rock to blend in with the landscaping.
  • In-Ground subwoofers
    These offer the best solution for outdoor sound improvement while leaving a small footprint that blends into the landscape.
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Outdoor Bar Sonance

Lighting & Shades

Outdoor lighting  and shading help create the perfect ambiance to enhance the outdoor experience. We offer a wide variety of Lighting fixtures and system designs to fit the style and feel of the space, as well as a variety of Shade formats, fabrics/textures and styles including Motorized Shades, Rolling Shades and Motorized Awnings.

  • Area
    Provides safe illumination for walkways and to highlight landscapes and hardscapes.
  • Directional
    Adds texture, contrast and dimension to any area.
  • In-Grade
    Designed to blend-in to the popular areas in a unobtrusive manner bringing warmth.
  • Pendant
    Provides a gentle glow to softly illuminate and highlight areas.
  • Surface Mounted

    Provides practical lighting above tables and seating areas as needed.

  • Recessed
    Designed to increase safety, define perimeters and to softly enhance architectural walls and stonework.

Brands We Proudly Use

Our selection of equipment options is based on providing a high level of performance, reliability, and value. We work with industry leading manufacturing companies that stand behind what they sell.

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