Theater and Media Rooms

Enjoy quality time together in the most comfortable and visually stunning space.

A Home Theater is not just limited to the traditional description of a dedicated theater room, but it can simply mean a family media room enhanced with an elegant video, surround sound system and lighting. We specialize in designing for both environments so that you can enjoy quality time together in the most comfortable room in the house.

optimal screen and sound quality

  • TV Screens & Projectors

    With this as your focal point, there are a diverse selection to choose from: Art Frame TV, Motorized Art Screen, Smart Flat Screen TV, Fixed or Motorized Projector Screens.

  • Video Mounts

    Optimal positioning of your screen and safety features make a big difference. We offer many styles to fit your needs: Mantle Mount, Ceiling Pole Mount, Pop Up Mount, Drop Down, Wall Mount, Articulating Arm Mount, Projector Mount.

  • Speakers

    Great sound quality can be achieved through a variety of speaker options: on-wall speakers, in-wall speakers or invisible speakers.

  • Receiver & AMPS

    To achieve quality sound, this is needed to support all speaker configurations. 

Modern living room interior of real home
Theater Sonance

comfort and convenience

  • AV Cabinet

    This is the control center for your media room.  The features of the cabinet design serve important purposes including ventilation, vibration dampening, cable management and storage options.

  • Custom Seating
    Custom theater seating and state-of-the-art ergo-massage chairs come in a wide variety of materials, colors, padding, designs, and integrated technologies to choose from.
  • Control

    Ability to control lighting scenes, audio & video settings, and climate control, among many other things, with our easy to use Savant Home Automation system, provides the extra convenience you deserve.

Brands We Proudly Use

Our selection of equipment options is based on providing a high level of performance, reliability, and value. We work with industry leading manufacturing companies that stand behind what they sell.

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