Video Surveillance

A safer environment is a smarter environment.

Knowing who is at your doorway and the ability to sense activity in and around your home is a top priority. Camera surveillance and video doorbells/intercoms allow you to feel secure at all times.


Using the latest in technology, we design closed circuit television systems to keep track of what is occurring on your property. Focused features include:

  • Facial recognition
  • License plate recognition
  • Real-time viewing via mobile device
Home with security camera installed on the wooden underside of its roof. Vast blue sky can be seen in the background on this sunny day.
Female hand presses the camera button.

Video Doorbell & Intercom

Having the ability to see who’s at the door and to find out what they want, even if you’re not home, is a valuable tool. Integrating with the Savant Home Automation system will then allow you to respond to the person on your porch by unlocking the door, activating lights and dropping window shades.

Brands We Proudly Use

Our selection of equipment options is based on providing a high level of performance, reliability, and value. We work with industry leading manufacturing companies that stand behind what they sell.

We look forward to finding the right solution for you

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