WiFi & Networking

The network is the backbone of all smart homes.

A stable and reliable Network and Wi-Fi system is critical for your home to function. The Network system design takes into account the physical structure, available bandwidth and the current and future needs of our clients.  

connectivity is a necessity

We offer solutions to enable the best, seamless WiFi coverage, in addition to a Network Monitoring Service to ensure your network is performing at the optimal speed and functionality.  Should there be an interruption in service, we receive a notification and can immediately reset your system remotely to get you up and running with the least amount of downtime.

  • AV Rack

    Basic components of a network rack include: rack or cabinet, router, switch, power conditioner, cooling system, remote management device and cabling.

  • Wired Network
    The heat and circulatory system of a modern smart home. Hardware included is a modem, router, switch and cabling.
  • Mesh Access Points
    Smart devices wirelessly connect to the network through access points. Positioning of access points is very important to ensure quality wifi coverage throughout the home.  The use of a Mesh Network is a good secondary option when hard wiring is not feasible or practical.
  • Management

    Managing and maintaining a network is vital. Routine maintenance and service is necessary to keep everything running smoothly.

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Brands We Proudly Use

Our selection of equipment options is based on providing a high level of performance, reliability, and value. We work with industry leading manufacturing companies that stand behind what they sell.

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